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Functional Medicine Approach


Functional medicine is personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of symptoms for chronic illness. Evaluating organ and systems functions rather than looking for a specific disease is a basic principle of functional medicine. Functional medicine lab tests may examine blood, hair, stool, urine, or saliva. These tests, conducted by the Functional Medical Practitioner check your nutritional status, digestive function, allergies, detoxification ability and more.

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Therapeutic Massage

We now offer complete therapeutic massage therapies with Asian Body Therapy.  Relax and pamper yourself in a enchanting atmosphere. You will discover a variety of services that includes massages, facials, aroma therapies and wraps. Please call us for more information 571-287-1764.

Our clinic therapist are matched to your requested pressure level and specialize in combining techniques from several types of massage for the complete therapeutic experience.
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