The Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Clinic offers personalized healthcare products made with only natural ingredients selected for effectiveness and quality. Everything we sell is free of harsh chemicals and is made with natural ingredients and herbs.

Our Mission

AOM Clinic Herbal Pharmacy is dedicated to enhancing the practice of traditional herbology in the West by providing unmatched herbal products that are safe, pure and effective. Delivery of herbal products you can trust in the pursuit of excellence is AOMC Pharmacy's commitment.

Best Quality Herbs

Superior Formulations

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The AOM Clinic Specializes in Personalized Herbal Medicine

AOM Clinic offers ready-made Oriental Medicine patent formulas to address common health and nutritional concerns. Our medicines are offered in pre-mixed pill, tablet, extract, liquid, tea and raw form, and are manufactured by world-class laboratories under the strictest GMP standards. Our products are typically offered as pre-mixed herbal formulas - no special measuring, mixing or decocting skills are required (with the exception of certain extract powders and raw herbs available under special order). The herbal remedies distributed through AOM Clinic are intended for consumers seeking specific nutritional supplements that address common health conditions.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine cures root causes with individual description, and are prescribed with a choice of liquid, granules and ball.

  • Drinking Type Herbal Medicine: Treats conditions that cause weight gain; Enhances fat burning process; and Boosts metabolism
  • Nutritional Granules: Prevents weight rebound effects; and Contains minerals, vitamins, fibers and protein.
  • Detox Granules: Improves bowel movement; and Enhances detoxification process
  • Detox & Diet Herbal Medicines
  • Cardio Tonic Pills: Herbal treatment for relief of hyperlipemia, coronary arteriosclerosis and angina
  • Muscular/Joint Medicine: Strengthens bone, muscle, soft tissue and anti-inflammation (liquid type or ball type)
  • Kong-Jin-Dan (Stamina Herb Ball): Outstanding effects for chronic tiredness, dizziness, migraines and staminaby improvement of immunity and strengthening liver function; and Contains muscus, deer antlers, cornus officinalis and angelica gigas
  • Kyung-Ok-Ko: Outstanding effects for weak constitution, physical exhaustion by strengthening heart and spleen; and Contains white ginseng, honey, rehmania root and white hoelen (granules or jelly type)